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James Murray Web Marketing Expert - could be near you, in Canada or USA. Please, contact him at email below.....
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Are you a knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization Enterprise inside Canada or USA?

Are you specialized in Web marketing techniques, search engine optimization (SEO) and also pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing tactics? ... - 25k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Have you a fully built in system to search engine marketing or just plain search marketing?

Have you created through experience your own Word wide web Marketing and advertising service? Perhaps you have managed technically arduous projects, and delivered them as stylish, impactful answers? ... - 10k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for
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Taking good care of satisfied clientele is exceptionally important work!

Do you improve ROI (return on investment) of your clients utilising advanced bidding methods, business leading analytics and also reporting packages? Client's Total satisfaction and also gaining customer loyalty ... - 19k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Reasonably competitive working atmosphere...

If your commercial enterprise has a reasonably competitive, energetic, strong operating environment, if you are making an outstanding team and you perform taking care of the clients in an expert manner ... or USA.asp - 78k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Revitalizing and powerful working atmosphere

Your business enterprise could possibly signify for myself the exciting as well as compelling working environment to which I aspire. or USA.php - 03k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

I am the Ideal Dude for Your Establishment

... I am the extremely innovative and motivated individual, using a designated sense regarding initiative, flexible yet results oriented; a great observer, rational and that i know how to create good use regarding acquired working experience; determined, tenacious, with a good skill of marketing but in reachable and polite way ... - 04k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

I favor client-focused advertising activities so that i can develop powerful as well as lucrative relations by means of ...

I like to continuously keep up to date with the latest technological innovations, running(a) techniques and cultural fashions in order to be competitively priced in the market place. I pay extraordinary awareness of details and I'm exceptionally versatile. Determinedly, I try to outmatch my competition through avant-garde approaches as well as an innovative utilization of theories and techniques related or relatively far from marketing and advertising ... - 20k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Web Designer and webmaster of web sites and World-wide-web portals ...

Conducted smartly-designed studies on marketing environments, on competitive markets as well as on people/site visitors. Noticed SWOT studies of sites and starting businesses. Scheduled and noticed pages suited to be able to encourage people to take action in a specific and definite way ... growth and development of product, price, placing, promotion and brand name strategies; market segmentation and product differentiation; studies of user behaviour in different surfing or purchasing phases ... 06k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Search Engine Ranking: Finding out how to put into practice is for me
not only a challange but, above all, a pleasure...

I have reached the number 1 position or the 1st web page position on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Msn Serp with very aggressive keywords on topics such as Media and Entertainment, Charities, Food, Video Gaming, Sports, Gambling, Tourism, Shopping and many, many other areas... since 2000... The Internet is brain candy to me ... - 12k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

Why this Extraordinary Offer?

I would prefer the highly competitive web marketing surroundings! There are only three things which are important when finding a SEO and a SEM specialist; How much? How fast? How good? Affordable, fast and good rarely come hand in hand.... In fact, if you're able to find somebody who consistently turns out high quality results at a cost that fits your budget, and does not give you the feeling they will end up being 'gone tomorrow' - employ them now, and in no way let them go.

You can choose now or let me go to work for other companies and other clients and bring my practical knowledge, my experience and my many advantages to some competitor company of yours. It is possible to make a decision right now. If YES then Write me NOW. ... Murray-seo-worldwide-is-waiting-for-You.pdf - 06k - Contact me - Profile you are searching for

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Disclaimer: this is not a search engine result but only a simple, creative curriculum vitae or CV. Every one of these results was designed only for the writing of this unique curriculum vitae. For example, If you want search results from Google you will have to go to, if you want results from 'Yahoo', you will have to go to, and if you want results from Bing/MSN go to This is only for a creative CV. I do not like and I do not use hardly any black hat techniques. I only ever use Web Marketing Strategies, and SEO friendly techniques in order to achieve good search engine rankings. A Company's image and Client's, User's and Search Engine's respect are very important value for me.

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